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Why jigsaws?

Children and teenagers these days have more sources of entertainment than ever: Xbox and Playstation, games on phones and tablet computers. These new technologies are wonderful but most of these games are designed to be played alone or online, with little opportunity to interact with family or friends. Jigsaws are different – they provide a chance for children to play and co-operate together, for parents to gently encourage their children, for grandparents to share a pastime with their grandchildren.

Why jigsaw maps?

You will be surprised how quickly a child will get engrossed in a jigsaw map puzzle. He or she will see a detail on a map puzzle which they may not see when simply looking at a map on the wall. This small detail leads to a question:

  • why is there a picture of a volcano in Iceland?

  • on a historic map, why is France a different shape to nowadays?

  • why do all those country names end in –stan?

And it leads to a discussion that might not otherwise happen, and the child learns something about the world - about geography of course - but also about history or science or people or nature. Jigsaw maps are a rare combination of learning and enjoyment, and therefore one of the best educational gifts you can possibly give your child.

Our jigsaw maps

Each puzzle on this site has been carefully chosen for the quality of its content. We have tried and tested every product offered for sale here to ensure each is challenging and educational, but also fun to do again and again. We genuinely believe that these puzzles represent outstanding value for money, and we hope you get many hours of enjoyment from them.

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